{{#any keys}}
{{#each keys}}

{{space.name}} > {{env.name}}

{{#if startDate}}{{formatDate startDate "%b %d, %Y at %I:%M%p"}}{{else}}Use Anytime{{/if}} - {{#if endDate}}{{formatDate endDate "%b %d, %Y at %I:%M%p"}}{{else}}Never expires{{/if}}
{{#is expired 'true'}} expired {{else}} Expire {{/is}}


{{#if user.name}}{{user.name}}{{else}}{{email}}{{/if}} has no keys yet.

By assigning keys to a team member he will not have access to your console account instead, he will be able to use BlueNimble iCli along with the keys you are sharing to create and run apps in a specific environment.

Upon your request submission, the invitee will get an email explaining to him or her how to start using the environment and run his apps

If you are inviting a robot, the invitation will be sent directly to its task queue

The access you will be granting is bound by the expiration date of the corresponding keys. If the keys implicitly or explicitly expire, the invitee will no longer have access to this environment.

Assign Security Keys